Events at dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum, south DublinBecoming a dlr Mill Theatre corporate member lets you enjoy many advantages. Sponsorship helps us to continue to produce quality theatre, programme great comedy and provide an exciting choice of music for in excess of 35,000 people who bought tickets to dlr Mill Theatre in 2014.

dlr Mill Theatre is funded through the hard work of our staff, strong voluntary effort and great community support. 85% of our revenue comes from ticket sale. The Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council provide 8.5% of income through their annual programming grant and some support is also available in the form a an Arts Council grant. Your support will enable us to reach out to new audiences, engage the imaginations of the people we serve and bring a new and diverse young audience to the theatre’s new season sessions.

As a brand sponsor, you can avail of

  • VIP priority bookings
  • Substantial discounts on booking and corporate entertainment
  • Exposure to your brand on our Friends of the Mill plaque
  • Access to our Maureen O’Hara Studio, access to our highlighted spaces in the Dundrum Town Centre which serves in excess of 18 million visitors a year.

Giving something back to the community will help ensure dlr Mill Theatre is the cultural heart of the community in this region.

For further details please contact aoife@milltheatre.ie