Iphigenia in Splott   17th - 18th Apr 2020

Show time: 8pm
Admission: €18/€16 Group 10+ €14

Stumbling down the street at 11:30am drunk, Effie is the kind of girl you’d avoid eye contact with, silently passing judgement. We think we know her, but we don’t know the half of it.
Effie’s life spirals through a mess of drink, drugs and drama every night, and a hangover worse than death the next day — till one night gives her the chance to be something more.
Inspired by the enduring Greek myth, Iphigenia in Splott drives home the high price people pay for society’s shortcomings. Effie will break your heart.

Iphigenia in Splott premiered at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, 2015 in a production by Ireland’s own Rachel O’Riordan before transferring to the National Theatre, London, UK in 2016 to wide critical acclaim.

On the play and original production:

WINNER — Best New Play (UK Theatre Awards 2015)
“Owen’s writing about the unexpected turns that take one’s life, there’s no guessing where his play’s going. His plot swerves like a getaway car. Just when you think you’re watching one kind of play, it becomes another… Crushing.”  ★★★★★ — What’s on Stage

“The most shattering, angry call for immediate revolt that you will see on stage this year… By any measure going, this is perfect theatre: intelligent, moving, and horribly, horribly relevant. Most of all, though, in those final moments, it feels like the start of a revolution.” ★★★★★ — The Guardian

On the Irish premiere production:


“O’Connell bravely delivers a wonderfully moving, politically challenging and powerfully unsettling experience — be prepared to be shaken”  Chris O’Rourke  –  The Arts Review 

“Rachel O’Connell imbues Iphigenia with a wildness and sense of abandon that is impressive… with bravado and a certain ferocity”  NoMoreWorkHorse  –  NoMoreWorkHorse

“A superb performance from O’Connell, it is effective and affecting.”  Emer O’Kelly  –  The Sunday Independent