5 Jan 2024


Dublin’s best Debt Collector, Shauna, is struggling to control the challenging thoughts in her head. Usually, speaking to her Cacti is enough to keep her worries at bay. But now her best (and only) friend has had a baby – Shauna’s mind is in overdrive.

When she finds an unexpected companion during a routine debt collection, she is forced to tap into her softer side and face the prickly thoughts in her head once and for all.

But in the cut-throat world of Debt Collecting, can she care for this creature and still come out on top?

🌵Prickly is a new comedy from actor and writer @caoimheomalley 🌵

Produced by dlr Mill Theatre, in association with @backstagetheatrelongford and @droichead.arts.centre

🌟 Starring Caoimhe O’Malley with @genevievehb and directed by Maisie Lee 🌟