In-house Productions

dlr Mill Theatre is passionate about producing high quality work that excites and inspires audiences of all types. Since our foundation in 2012, we’ve staged productions across a host of themes and genres. As part of our mission to support professional creatives and actors, we’re always seeking recent graduates to join us, keeping our creative team fresh and dynamic.

We’re especially committed to our younger audiences, grounded in the belief that access and exposure to the arts from a young age can have a hugely positive impact. As part of our Outreach & Education Programme, dlr Mill Theatre has brought a number of Shakespeare’s works to life including Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

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Curtain Up

From local theatre companies and dramatic societies to schools all across the country, people are the heart and soul of dlr Mill Theatre. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive environment where people are free to learn and express themselves.

We are because of, and for, the communities of Dundrum and the wider local area. We are your theatre, your resource, your place to play and create. We will always be friendly, welcoming, hospitable and supportive. This is your home.


Outreach & Education

Over the past decade we’ve built a respected reputation as a key partner for teachers looking to invigorate their curriculum through drama. Our Outreach & Education Team is fully dedicated to developing the artistic and educational desires of all our communities. With a wide range of shows and events for both Primary and Secondary Schools hosted throughout the year, we consistently deliver productions that are relevant and engaging for students.

We build platforms and projects for personal learning and development, creating new education and development opportunities for professional and amateur to work together. Unlocking new levels of potential, we believe this cross pollination is highly valuable and delivers a richer experience for both.

Outreach & Education

Shakespeare Festival Youth Mill Theatre

dlr Mill Theatre Supports

Supporting the development of work by new, established and emerging artists in Dundrum and the wider county will always be a key priority for us. We’re proud to offer a funded programme of clearly defined supports, mentorships and commissions that enable great works to be brought to life.

In 2021/22 the dlr Mill co-produced The Whispering Chair by Tara Maria Lovett with Livin’ Dred. We also supported the staging of Lie Low by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth at the 2021 Fringe Festival. Since then the work has gone from strength to strength, with a transfer to the Abbey Theatre followed by a transfer to the iconic Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

dlr Mill Theatre Supports

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