19 Oct


jackula dlr mill theatre


Being a vampire sucks but being Dracula’s younger brother is driving Jackula batty.


Join Jackula on a spooktacular quest to step out of his older brother’s shadow to become the world’s first fun vampire. Laugh as Jackula makes his pet ghost dance. Gasp as Jackula balances a stack of five glasses of water on his face. Smile as children help perform spellbinding tricks.
An inspirational Halloween magic show about staying true to yourself. It’s not trick or treat. It’s trick and treat. After the show every child is invited to perform at trick with Jackula and receive a treat. Great for photos and lets everyone be a part of the fun.
Performed by Jeff Keough who has entertained at The White House, Leinster House, RTE, and for his daughter’s Senior Infant Class. Jeff is a Clown College graduate who toured with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth”, performed with French anarchist Circ Archaos, and has entertained over 10 million people.
Book now as Jackula regularly sells out. For children aged 3-10
The show is boooo-rilliant!
“Family fun guaranteed.” -– The Irish Independent “Ireland’s greatest showman!” — Ali Pearse, Spin 1038
  • €10
  • 1pm & 4pm
  • Children / Family