18 Sep - 21 Feb 2021

In Transit: Transition

Mill Theatre's In Transit: Transition Exhibition

In Transit: Transition

Artist: Bairbre Murray

This exhibition, In Transit: Transition, is about the artist’s immediate urban environment experienced through walks in her locality.

She is particularly interested in the moments that go unnoticed because of their ordinariness. These paintings cover a period from late 2019 to mid 2020 and reflect both the change in her daily journeys and her response to what she experienced.

Bairbre Murray is an emerging artist who works mostly in oils. She likes to paint on canvas and on paper textured with gesso. Her paintings explore light and movement and often are presented in two or three parts, the better to interrogate the relationship between segments and how each part further explains or instigates reexamination of the image just seen, thus taking the viewer on a journey back and forth. Currently she is interested in coastal landscapes/seascapes and our relationship as an island people with the sea. This compliments and extends her recent exploration of ideas around family history, memory and hereditary, based around photographs and stories, for which she received an Arts Council Agility Award. She is currently working toward a second solo exhibition around these themes.

Bairbre is a member of Artnet DLR and exhibits regularly as part of their group exhibitions. She has also exhibited recently in DLR Mill Theatre Gallery in 2022/23 as part of their Christmas Exhibition

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