6 Oct - 25 Nov 2023


Juffernaut dlr Mill Theatre


Decade of Centenaries – Performed readings of Juggernaut by David Sears

Please note that this reading is taking place both in the dlr Mill Theatre and in the Halla Mór at St. Endas Museum on different dates. Do check you have the venue of your choice when booking.

Balally Players Theatre Company is proud to announce their latest achievement – a compelling play set against the turbulent backdrop of the War of Independence. Titled “Juggernaut,” this thought-provoking drama explores the impact of war on a middle-class family and their unexpected entanglement with an Irish rebel.

In this ninety-minute retelling of a play first staged in 1929, David Sears play dives into the emotional and ethical complexities experienced by the family as their once peaceful life is upended by the arrival of a wounded gunman seeking refuge. The audience will be captivated as they witness the daughter of the household falling in love with a British Army officer, only to realize that his life is in grave danger if the stolen secrets he possesses – a list of British operatives in Ireland – were to reach his superiors.

  • €14
  • 2.30pm & 7.30pm
  • Drama


Showcasing the talent and vision of playwright David Sears (1899-1951), Balally is set to deliver a profoundly moving and suspenseful theatrical experience akin to the dramas of Noel Coward and R.C. Sherriff.

“We are thrilled to bring ‘Juggernaut’ to life on stage,” said Chairman Patrick Hand. “By immersing the audience in the midst of the War of Independence, we hope to challenge their perspectives and offer a deep exploration of loyalty, love, and the human condition in the face of conflict.”

Some of the notable highlights of this production include:

  • A setting reminiscent of Killiney during the War of Independence, transporting the audience to a pivotal period in Irish history.
  • An engaging narrative that explores the impact of war on a middle-class family’s veil of neutrality, shattered by unwelcome circumstances.
  • The masterful interplay between the daughter’s forbidden love and her realization that her beloved’s life is in peril from the Irish rebel, increasing tension and emotional resonance throughout the play.

‘Juggernaut’  promises to be an extraordinary theatre experience that challenges perceptions and highlights the power of love and loyalty during times of strife.

For more information, please visit www.balallyplayers.com or contact info@balallyplayers.com for inquiries.