11 Feb - 23 Apr 2022

Light in the Space

Mill Theatre's Light in the Space Exhibition by Fiona Rainey

Light in the Space

Belfast born Fiona Rainey is an abstract landscape painter who has been practising for over 30 years.

Following her graduation in the University of Ulster, she has exhibited locally and abroad and has worked in substantial private collections. As well as being a studio based artist Fiona has been facilitating art classes for adults with learning disabilities for a number of years.

Light in the Space- This recently completed series of oil paintings as suggested in the title of the show, examines presence of light in areas of abstractly depicted earth and water, light, a symbol of hope. Visual clues suggest places, there but not quite, perhaps actual but not necessarily? While creating this work, Fiona was mindful of the new physical location of the exhibition in County Dublin. South and East of her regular mooring, thus influencing the composition within most of the work. Areas of land mass occupy the left-hand side on a selection of the paintings, as represented on geographical maps.

Illumination … key interest. Incandescence, reflection, iridescence, in blurred space, executed bright or inky hues. A pictorial gentle and ethereal perspective.

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