8 Aug - 2 Oct 2023

Line in Landscape

Line in Landscape dlr Mill Theatre

Line in Landscape

Ann Kavanagh and Nancy Previs have long been inspired by urban Dublin and the convergence and co-existence of line in the city’s built and natural environments.

Line in Landscape is a collection of work reflecting the artists’ engagement with architecture, landscaped spaces, and the biodiversity thriving amidst and beside the built environment of Dublin’s Grand Canal and surrounds.

About the Artists

Ann Kavanagh

In Ann’s work, aesthetics of structural manmade and natural forms fuse and clash with a type of fragmented sensitivity, delicateness and refinement, the work presents a serene and solemn calm that comes out of and abstracts into a carefully constructed chaos. This orderly chaos that she looks for reflects on the relationship between two seemingly opposing concepts, the wild and the urban landscape.

Ann is a visual artist working across the mediums of photography andprintmaking, and is a member of Graphic Studio Dublin and Black Church Print Studio. Her work has been exhibited in Denmark, the US, Japan, Ireland, England, France and China.


Instagram: @akprintmaker

Nancy Previs

Nancy observes and interprets nature’s forms, textures and tones as found in the urban landscape. She is fascinated by subtleties in light and colour, drawing inspiration from nature’s ability to generate beauty from what seem spontaneous and random processes.

Connecting with these processes – the life force of the landscape – and striving to reflect nature’s quiet yet startling beauty, she makes works on paper and canvas.

A visual artist based in Dublin, Nancy is a member of Graphic Studio Dublin and Visual Artists Ireland.

Her work has been exhibited in group shows in Ireland, the US and the UK. She has had solo exhibitions in NYC, Washington DC and Dublin.


Instagram: @nancyprevisart

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